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Coldplay fans' anger at Exeter ticket sales

By This is Exeter  |  Posted: December 14, 2009

Coldplay's Chris Martin

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MUSIC fans are continuing to  bid hundreds of pounds for  tickets to Coldplay’s charity  homecoming concert.
Twelve ticket holders have  now put their tickets up for  sale via the internet auction  site ebay and are asking for as  much as £1,000 a pair to anyone who wants to buy them.
Visitors to the auction site  are bidding as much as £510  for a pair of tickets — more  than five times the original  price.
And the actions of the touts  have angered scores of people  who missed out on the chance  of buying tickets.
 Organisers of the concert  have also said they are disappointed the tickets are being sold for profit.
Ebay said it had a policy  with charity gigs to donate at  least 20 per cent of profits if  tickets were resold in this  way.  However, a spokesman  said Mencap had not alerted  it to this particular event so it  was not able to put the policy  in place on the sales. As a  result,  none of the profit made  by the sellers looks set to benefit Mencap.
A spokesman for the event  said: “It is very disappointing.
“The reason we do these  gigs is that Mencap desperately needs funds and the  money we raise goes directly  to the people Mencap supports.”
Just 500 tickets were available for the charity gig at  Exeter Castle on Saturday,  December 19.
Chris Martin and his band  will be joined during the  evening by singers Lily Allen  and La Roux. Radio One DJ  Jo Whiley has helped organise the event.
Those who missed out on  buying tickets have voiced  their anger on the Echo’s  website.
Karen, from Plymouth,  said: “In my opinion it is not  fine to make hundreds and  hundreds of pounds out of a  charity — in the season of  goodwill. I hope HMV have  the sense to cancel all tickets  and put them up for resale to  genuine fans.”
Becky, from Exeter, said: “I  am really disappointed with  those selling their tickets on  ebay. I think those tickets up  for sale on ebay should be  cancelled and resold to those  who would really like to enjoy  the concert.”
David, from Exeter, said:  “In the first place, the  self-print tickets have the  holder’s name printed on  them.
“They say ID checks may  be implemented.
 “If they really want to  stamp out this sort of profiteering they should put out a  statement that there will be  such checks right now.”
But Tony, from Exeter, disagreed. He said: “The charity  sold all tickets available and  therefore could not have  made any more money. What  would you say if I sold two  tickets on ebay for £1,000 and  gave half of it to back to Mencap, would you criticise  me?”
A spokesman for ebay said:  “We work with thousands of  charities and are delighted to  support them but we cannot  be held accountable if we are  not told about it or approached about it by Mencap.”

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  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    DK, Drewsteignton  |  December 15 2009, 11:09PM

    I think it is ridiculous that they are allowed to tout tickets like this. As has been said, names on tickets and photo I.D on the door would have solved the problem. Would have loved to have gone, but touts buying up tickets like this meant they had sold out. I can't believe Radio 1, the Venue, HMV or even Coldplay didn't see this coming. I feel let down, they finally come home and we have to miss out for touts and ridiculous people who will pay the money. Should have been for locals only. "Home coming gig my a**e.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Ed, Honiton  |  December 15 2009, 10:34AM

    i see no problem. people who really want too see them will, and if they cant afford it, then so what, go to another coldplay gig.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Paul, Exeter  |  December 15 2009, 12:13AM

    I may be an Old Git, but I can not understand anyone paying £1400 (as advertised on e-bay) for a pair of tickets to a concert - any concert. Some people clearly have too much money for their own good. Or perhaps they will be bought by an MP and the money reclaimed as "hospitality expenses"

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    David, Topsham  |  December 14 2009, 8:58PM

    I like Tony's comment in this article as well, about giving half of the profits to mencap. Yeah Tony, it's nice to have theories, but none of them on Ebay are doing it for that amount though, and even then it's very few.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    David, Topsham  |  December 14 2009, 8:55PM

    Well! Let's all buy things we can't afford and get ourselves into debt, and then profit from charities! Reasons like that for making money are the reasons why this country's in a recession!

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    SKoM, Cullompton  |  December 14 2009, 8:41PM

    Wharever the reason - it's still money-grabbbing Kelly. Unfotuntely ebay's rules state that they must be notified of the charity event well in advance of the date of the event for it to qualify for the 20%. This seems to have been arranged fairly quickly so I seriously doubt that they managed that.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    brin, Exeter  |  December 14 2009, 6:37PM

    Ac, do I appreciate the love, what sex are you? I aint sure! and I dont do drivel mate. Just word from the common man. Something you and your comtemparies may have problems with, pull me up on my points dont dismiss them. I have a point and I chuck it in your face. I may not be the most "FWK" ish in my comments, but hey, wouldnt it be boring if I was? Please lets never get into one of those pedantic, long drawn out tit for tats that often ungrace these boards. It makes me happy that you obviously dont agree with many of my finer points. But dont worry I shall keep em coming. Especially if you come to your conclusion that I am full of crap. Better off out than in, as a well respected ex-local counciller used to say! Have a good evening Ac.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Ac, Exeter  |  December 14 2009, 5:33PM

    I love you Brin. That's the first sensible thing you've actually said. Keep 'em coming, unlike your usual drivel. :)

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    brin, Exeter  |  December 14 2009, 5:24PM

    Cant believe Kelly Woodgate! So what if your mates going to spend the profit on her debts. You should be ashamed of yourself. We all have debts, but I am sure there are few of us who would be willing to make money from a charity. What nice friends you have. And I am judging. Most definitley.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    S, Devon  |  December 14 2009, 5:11PM

    The profits should go to the Charity involved Kelly, not the pocket. No matter what the excuse.