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Concerns over foxes seen in trees

By Exeter Express and Echo  |  Posted: August 30, 2011

Press Association photograph.

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A GROUP of foxes are causing concern in part of St Leonard's.

There have been sightings of foxes sleeping up a tree in Abbeyville Close prompting fears they might be breeding.

Pet owners in the road are growing concerned and have called on Exeter City Council to take action.

One resident said: "A friend of mine saw the fox chase her cat. This was early in the morning and the cat rushed indoors when the fox came to the window.

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"A lot of us are very anxious about it.

"We went to look in the big tree in our garden and saw a fox asleep in it.

"We contacted our local councillor John Winterbottom as we felt there should not be foxes sleeping in trees in the city's housing estates.

"When we initially phoned the council they said they could not do anything about it. We were told we just need to accept that foxes are around.

"We do wonder if they are breeding as young foxes have been spotted. We wonder how many are running around here.

"We think the council are over tolerant of it and seem to think it is fine for foxes to live in the city alongside cats. But we don't want foxes so close to our homes and are concerned about the safety of our pets."

Local city councillor John Winterbottom said: "Some residents have contacted me to express concern about foxes seen in Abbeyville Close and I am trying to find out more about it. It is quite unusual and has not been a problem before but I would like an officer to go around and investigate."

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  • Auntiecon  |  February 23 2012, 8:39AM

    What is this - a bit more propaganda for this government to repeal the Hunting Act? What the hell is wrong with people? And this rubbish about them breeding because they've seen young foxes around - dear oh dear. These people need to do some research on foxes. They have their cubs now, roundabout this time, and if you saw them they'd be little fluffy bundles! This time next year these little cubs would be full-grown adults.

    |   3
  • junkers99  |  October 31 2011, 5:51PM

    What sort of IDIOT sees some wildlife and decides to call the council???? Next time I see a bird in my garden I MUST tell the council so they can put a stop this sort of outrage!!!! Some people are just absolutely PATHETIC.

    |   7
  • Will1947  |  August 31 2011, 10:17PM

    Wendy, fox poo is a lot stronger-smelling than the general smell of foxes, which may be more of a urine smell, although it doesn't smell like most animal's urine. I guess its probably from a musk gland. Its hard to describe - quite acrid but not as foul as the poo, which is horrible, as Ivor_Shed says. My dog rolls in it too and it takes ages to wash the smell off. Our old cat didn't smell like that - cats have far too much self respect than to roll in any poo, let alone foxes'!

  • Ivor_Shed  |  August 31 2011, 5:23PM

    WendyD - dogs have an overwhelming desire to roll in fox poo. Once smelt never forgotten!

  • Ivor_Shed  |  August 31 2011, 5:21PM

    as long as the foxes are only mating up in trees. Seagull poo is bad enough but .....

  • cjcats  |  August 31 2011, 3:55PM

    Sorry for the "g" however I worked at the Orthopaedic Hospital twenty or more years ago and there were always foxes in the grounds, they would come looking for food in the bins. So nothing new here and no one was bothered in the past. Leave well alone and get into the real world.

    |   4
  • cjcats  |  August 31 2011, 3:50PM


  • The Normandy Arms  |  August 31 2011, 3:06PM

    What does a fox smell like will1947 as i have a persian kitten and i am now scared to let her out for a wee.

  • bigdonkey  |  August 31 2011, 2:48PM

    Are you sure its not an Orangutan They are Ginger and sleep in trees If it is a fox, then being in a tree doesn't mean its breeding, breeding depends on if it has a location and a Mate, altitude rarely comes into the procedure

    |   2
  • Will1947  |  August 31 2011, 9:10AM

    Why is it that so many people's first reaction to wildlife in urban areas is that it must be killed? Cats can generally look after themselves. We had a cat who often came home smelling of fox and looking a bit roughed up, but he lived to a ripe old age. It is when cornered by a group of foxes (or dogs) that a cat can be in trouble - rather like a fox chased by hounds.

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