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Cowley Bridge Road footpath poses safety concern

By thesamjones  |  Posted: February 15, 2013

  • Cracked pathway sloping into road

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Local residents and students have expressed concern over the increasingly damaged pedestrian footpath along the A337 between the entrance to Lower Argyll Road and Opal 1 Student Accommodation.

Over the winter months the already precarious path has become covered in debris, wet leaves and slippery mud. The surface has eroded, making the path hazardous to pedestrians. In some areas the path is even visibly cracking, with railings coming away from the edge and sloping down into the busy road below.

There is no lighting on the pathway other than light cast by street lamps below, unable to illuminate through the overgrown shrubbery and brambles. There are many low-hanging branches and the path is frequently littered with broken glass and rubble. The path also floods frequently, making it difficult to navigate.

Local resident and member of staff for Opal 1 Student Accommodation, Jack Chambers, 22 says "I've walked along that path at least twice a day, every day. The hedge that lines the footpath is not maintained and barely leaves enough room for one person to walk along. There are steps that lead directly onto the busy road, with no pedestrian path and they are unbelievably steep."

He goes on to explain that there have also been casualties as a result of poor maintenance "There is an area where mud and rainwater pools. During the icy phase Exeter went through this year, the muddy pools had frozen over. A woman walking her dog in front of me slipped on the ice, falling face first, splitting her lip and grazing her hands and elbow. A student and myself helped her back to her home, which thankfully wasn't too far away."

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