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Cully, you'll never leave!

By Mid Devon Gazette  |  Posted: May 29, 2012

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HOW depressing to read your report on the Cullompton Town Council meeting Former Mayor denies claim of bullying clerk, Gazette, Tuesday, May 22.

It stirs echoes of TV town Royston Vasey and the catchphrase 'this is a local town for local people'. It's even more spooky when you can spot a kinship with the League of Gentlemen characters!

I have attended a couple of council meetings. The first 15 minutes are for the public to ask questions – but you have to fill in a form first!

This inevitably is the route of former councillors to vent their spleen. I recall one standing up to say he found the seating arrangement around the council table "unacceptable" and said it should be changed. Riveting progressive stuff, eh? "Cullompton on the Move" right enough.

What was it they spend on consultants' fees for that town logo that could have been designed in the local primary school? I recall it was £7,500.

The present behaviour is most likely to discourage business and young professional families from settling here. Perhaps their logo would be "Cullompton on the Move..to Cranbrook?"

After all, there they will have a new railway station, better public transport and amenities. Please try to be positive Murray Mint, Tattsyrup, Geoff Tipps et al.


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  • Cullywatcher  |  June 06 2012, 7:17PM

    Keep guessing So, predominantly, not the town council, no matter how you cut it And one of Cllr Guests first meetingd I believe, who learned to understand how things worked before shouting the odds (one or two could have learnt from that). If you bother to read the rules (which you clearly haven't and i have a very good knowledge of British politics - and, by your own admission elsewhere, significantly better than yours) you are only entitled to use a collective group name when canvassing and NOT on the ballot sheet UNLESS you are a properly registered party. Nobody tried to disqualify anyone from standing, the issue was raised post election when the ballot papers had been seen (they are doing a fine job of de-electing themselves). As far as a common aim to take the town forward, well that's hardly been a roaring success - has it. As for a 'spare' Town Hall, well, that's another of your deliberate bits of misinformation - either that or you usual habit of half listening to half the informatio (on a good day). Finally, I know what it costs to show a film legitimately, and it isn't cheap. So if it was done properly, who was funding it? That's why there''s a problem, they weren't

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  • cullyman  |  June 06 2012, 6:26PM

    No , sorry, you're wrong again, Nigel. No deliberate misinformation admitted or given. CRAG chairman G Guest.. other post present Mayor of Cullompton. (serving town councillor when logo adopted) Crag Members 4 Elected Members of Mid Devon DC 4 Elected Members of Cullompton Town Council 1 Elected member from Devon CC 1 representative from the disabled community Originally there was 1 representative of the business community but this has been increased to two recently. (Please ask Gordon , he will confirm ) Predominately Local Authority, as you can see ,so obviously not , as you say, the private sector wasting money . Being Independent candidates ,with a common aim to take the town forward, doesn't constitute membership of a "party" .just as those who were "party" to buying a spare town hall were also defined as independents. Ask anyone with knowledge of British politics One of the initial spurious complaints attempted to have CFTHL independents barred from standing for election,was a demand to have them identified and disqualified as a political party. The electoral commission dismissed that. Surely you must have know this as a fact . As to your piece of gossip from over the garden wall, let's hope you wont let your prejudice blind you to the facts when they emerge.

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  • Cullywatcher  |  June 05 2012, 6:55PM

    Must try harder James So by your own admission the money was not spent by the council but by CRAG - isn't that the traders' group - well well, the private sector wasting money, whatever next. At least you are honest enough to admit to deliberate misinformation. I know the common name for that south of the border. Reference to your party (what's left of it) is commonplace - and that wasn't an innuendo. The electoral commission has not advised me of anything, but a quick check of their web site and the rules are pretty clear on the matter, if they choose to do nothing that is up to them. I hear from a neighbour that Cllr Berry has been asking questions and your mate the ex mayor is now going to have to answer questions to DCC over breach of copyright on the films he has been showing in the library - so it seems that ignorance of the past is only matched by ignorance of the law.

  • cullyman  |  June 05 2012, 3:44PM

    Yes, Yes, Nigel,It was CRAG , (Cullompton regeneration Group)if you want to be pedantic, who produced the logo for you and your fellow councillors to gratefully adopt and promote, since you were unable to come up with any better suggestions... On your 'one little point' (or inuendo,) had you not already been advised by the Electoral Commission, there was no 'party' opposing the last council? --as you said..don't let facts get in the way

  • Cullywatcher  |  May 29 2012, 8:34PM

    Well done cullyman (ooops, sorry, 'James') if you've been to a couple of council meetings you probably have a better attendance record than some of the councillors. But I agree, nothing the current council is doing would encourage anything in the town. One little point, along with all your chums in the 'Cullompton last' party you persist in misinformation either deliberately or through ignorance of anything that has happened in the town prior to January last year (and anything about the town). The logo was not commissioned by the Town Council past or present - but don't let facts get in the way.