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Europe on a budget

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: February 04, 2013

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Europe is a wonderful and vast landscape with various countries all offering something to see and do. Whether you want culture, weather or simply relaxation, there is something to suit everyone's tastes in Europe, with hot countries like Portugal proving especially popular and rewarding.

Yet perhaps Europe’s biggest asset is that it’s right next door. This gives any would-be holidaymaker access to cheap and quick flights. Throw in affordable but luxurious accommodation and holiday opportunities fostered and bred through healthy competition and you have the potential for a cheap holiday that makes the most of every opportunity.


The main cost you will typically face when booking any holiday is travel. A flight connecting you from the UK to your destination is all you need yet major airlines and airports will add their own additional costs onto this, meaning there is a surprising amount of diversity. Thankfully firms like Flybe can offer alternative flights to Portugal that offer the same service at a reduced rate. To put it simply it’s money saved without any drastic changes.


There are a fair amount of international airports to choose from in the UK giving you even more ways to save money. Similar to the flight itself, you should also consider the connection and transfer costs at your destination. An airport closer to you will typically be cheaper than one further away if you factor in the transport costs to get there and back.

For instance, whilst you might often find advertised flights from the likes of Heathrow or Gatwick, you might find a cheaper flight to the same destination from Birmingham Airport. If you live in this area of the country then it’s even more money saved when you factor in commuting costs.

Additional costs

Depending on who you're flying with, there are other costs you might want to consider; notably your luggage options. Paying for excess luggage may seem wise but it’s all relevant to how much you plan to take (and bring back). Knowing this will guide you when it comes to buying your tickets; paying for an extra 10kg of luggage you're not going to use is a drain on money after all.

Likewise, there are options like in-flight food to consider. These are optional and might not make much sense for a short flight unless your flight time means you’ll miss an important meal such as breakfast. As long as you can justify the expense it’s worth opting for but you need to evaluate your need for it carefully.

In short, this is the philosophy that can be adopted across every part of your trip, giving you a better deal that still gives you full access to Europe. Whether it’s cheap flights, transfer options or avoiding the additional extras, there is always something you can do to bring the final cost of your European holiday down.

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