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Exeter pupils may trial swine flu vaccine

By This is Exeter  |  Posted: August 11, 2009

Swine flu virus

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CHILDREN in Exeter could be among the first to be inoculated  against swine flu.
A team of researchers has applied for funding to test a vaccine for the disease ahead of a mass vaccination programme in the autumn.
If the Government gives the go-ahead, parents will be able to put their children forward to be part of the trial to see if there are any side-effects with vaccines that have been developed to deal with the H1N1 virus.
The research will help the Department of Health decide whether it is safe to vaccinate youngsters against swine flu.
Professor of paediatrics at Bristol University, Adam Finn, and colleagues have put a proposal to the Government to carry out the work alongside other cities. 
Children aged between six months and 12 years will be given the vaccine as part of the trial and any reaction or medical problem that occurs will be recorded. Youngsters will also be given a blood test before and after.
Data from Exeter youngsters would be compiled along with results from Bristol, Oxford, Southampton and South West London to help Government health experts make a final decision on whether to vaccinate youngsters.
Experts will be looking out for signs of fever, a reaction in the skin around the injection site and any other illness that children might suffer.
Professor Finn said the decision to vaccinate children would be based on the harm that the injection could cause compared to the perceived risk of youngsters contracting swine flu.
He said: “It is a balance between what is going on with the illness and what is going on with the vaccine. As yet we do not know much about the illness or about the vaccine.
“It is very hard to say at this point how bad the pandemic is going to be.
“There are plenty of reasons to imagine it might be a really big problem because of the scale of the number of people affected. At the moment it does not look like a dreadfully bad strain of flu; the last two pandemics were not bad, but it caused a problem because so many people got it.”
He said it would be beneficial to vaccinate children and that doing so should reduce the spread of the virus.
Usually researchers have several months to test a vaccine but because swine flu has already been classed as a pandemic there is a need for it to be tested more quickly so the programme can be started in the autumn, when more people are expected to get swine flu, as well as the likelihood of seasonal flu.
In Australia, because the H1N1 virus has spread during their autumn, it is more of a problem. Professor Finn said it did not buy the country the time to arrange for a vaccination programme in the way the UK can.
The Government is expected to announce which research sites will be taking part in the vaccine testing this week.

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  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    BN, Cullompton  |  August 17 2009, 9:27AM

    Steve Briefly - as I have more important things to worry about 1/. We were talking about the spanish 'flu (1918/19) not swine 'flu (1976) 2/. I wouldn't believe the Daily Mail if it told me water was wet. 3/. Regards 'fear mongering' - I refer to the same 'newspaper'. Scaremongering, negativity and misinformation are its standard fare 4/. As for being an exception - I sincerely doubt it as this was a widely used medication in the 1960s.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Steve Michael, Oxford  |  August 16 2009, 1:02PM

    And for anyone reading our exchanges, read the article carefully and see what the 'health professionals' are using as the litmus test for risk/benefit evaluation: "Professor Finn said the decision to vaccinate children would be based on the harm that the injection could cause compared to the PERCEIVED risk of youngsters contracting swine flu." The perception is being skewed by fear mongering coverage and reports. A 'perceived' risk can exist when no real risk exists at all. As casinoscum stated, let the MP's (or the council) test it on THEIR kids before unleashing this on the general public!!

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Steve Michael, Oxford  |  August 16 2009, 10:07AM

    I fully respect your position based on experience, but before you dismiss my claims out of hand that you may well be the exception and not the rule, I suggest you look on the Daily Mail. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1206807/Swine-flu-jab-link-killer-nerve-disease-Leaked-letter-reveals-concern-neurologists-25-deaths-America.html. I think you overestimate how much 'technology' has changed since the 50's or since 1976 when the vaccine for swine flu injured and killed more than the disease itself. Just last week, the WHO announced that its was recommending 'live' vaccines for the swine flu. So it would really seem that not much has changed. I hope you are not a victim, but one of the most pronounced increases in disease was in cases of cancer in people who received the oral polio (Sabin particularly) vaccine. What made the polio vaccine suspect was that biopsies of tumours showed the presence of African Green Monkey cells within the tumours and the only source of these cells is through vaccines produced on monkey kidneys. And if you think that our government really has our best interests at heart, ask Andrew Castle how the Health Minister tried to defend Tamiflu in the face of Andrew's own daughter nearly dying, not from the flu, but from the treatment that has now FINALLY been discredited for use in children.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    BN, Cullompton  |  August 15 2009, 5:44PM

    Steve I think we have to agree to disagree regarding diseases caused by vaccines rather than play 'what's this disease called today' (I'm sorry my point wasn't clear in that I was stating an example rather than a definitive list) A couple of thoughts on your link The risk of infection is very low and this has to be weighed against the risk of doing nothing and always beware of 'scientific' reports that uses unsupported phrases such as " For every case of paralysis, there are hundreds of other children who don't develop symptoms, but pass on the disease". What this highlights is the danger of the cheap option containing live virus. By recollection we were given aural polio vaccine as children.................. Without going into detail - it was these lethal medicines that actually kept me alive as a child. Thankfully modern medicines are far less harmfull.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    Steve Michael, Oxford  |  August 15 2009, 8:11AM

    BN, I suggest you check this out: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090814/ap_on_re_af/af_med_polio_nigeria. On one hand you say that the names of diseases has changed, for example 'senility' to Alzheimer's, but you fail to recongnise the EXACT same thing occurred with 'polio' and 'aeseptic meningitis'. And again my point was improperly stated about those diseases and for that I apologise. Those diseases were virtually unheard of before vaccines. Now they are prevalent. I highly recommend the 'In Lies We Trust' film by Len Horowitz. He shows the actual documents of the US research into using vaccines as biological weapons for population control and for targeting specific ethnic groups. An just because you have survived thus far after taking 'medicines' with the skull and crossbones on it, does not mean that you have not been harmed. Perhaps all of this previous usage of chemicals provided by our friends who promote 'health through technology' instead of health through healthy living has contributed to you now being in a 'high risk' group.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    jack, wales  |  August 14 2009, 7:52PM

    They did a trial in poland of around 350 poor people, 20 or so died straight away. For god sake do not let your kids take the vaccine.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    BN, Cullompton  |  August 14 2009, 3:40PM

    Actually steve I have a very good understanding of how the body's immune system works and how vaccines operate - we don't all need propogandist web pages to tell us (or tell us what to think). We don't all chew straw down here you know. There is a big difference between declines and virtual erradication. Have these diseases diasappeared in countries that don't vaccinate? No. If HIV came from Polio vaccine, why did it not emerge much sooner from a country with large-scale immunisation? (yes - I know - it doesn't necessarily work like that when you talk about viral mutation but probabilities suggest this would have been the case). Better not full efficacy than nothing What you do not factor in when regurgitate vaccines' responsibility for all these ills is the changes in diagnosis of these illnesses and the fact that the significant increase in longevity of the population has made all these far more prevalent. For example, symptoms of rhumatoid arthritis have been found in skeletons 100's of years old. Wasn't Altzheimers known as senility previously? - that has been around for hundreds of years. The figures on spanish 'flu are also irrelevant without a proper analysis of the percentage of the population vaccinated, the risk groups involved and the timing of its administartion. Beware raw statistics (yes, I understand those as well!) That said, comparing modern vaccines with those of 90 years ago is, by default, flawed. The growth in reported infections following the change in diagnosis is clearly false (though it was already declared a pandemic at that time). To be frank the blame for this lies squarely with the media that have over-hyped this. As for your deadly list of chemicals - some of my medication from when I was young actually had a skull and crossbones on it (I'm still here) and rat poison is still used to 'thin the blood' Have you ever stopped to think what you ingest on a daily basis anyway and what that is doing to your system? In response to your final point - being in a high risk group and having nearly died from seasonal 'flu complications a number of years ago - yes (I always have the seasonal jab and have had the pneumonia one as well). Though my long term health issues may mean I don't get the early variants. But that's not my decision.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    steve michael, Oxford  |  August 14 2009, 1:45PM

    "Vaccinations have saved millions from death or long term health problems. Diseases such as polio are now pretty much unknown in countries where vaccinations are routine." Well actually, BN, if you do the research you will find a few 'inconvenient truths.' Firstly, declines in illnesses PRECEEDED vaccinations in virtually all diseases. Vaccines took credit for falling disease rates AFTER the rates had already fallen. Secondly, in the case of polio, Sabin and Salk BOTH admit that it was not as effective as advertised and the vaccines were contaminated with SV40 from infected African Green Monkey kidney which were used to culture the vaccines. The SV40 is regarded as a fore-runner of HIV. Also consider that there was a vaccine for the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak and over 90% of fatalities were amongst vaccinated people. Also consider that there are a number of diseases that were unknown before mass vaccinations that have been linked to vaccines. Amongst them, viral lukeamia, autism, Alzheimers, lupus, rhumatoid arthritis and various other cancers. Do you honestly know what is in theses things or how they supposedly work or how the immune system works in its natural state? I would guess not. Do the research. I have. Thank you very much, but I am not having aluminium, rat poison (sodium borate), formaldahyde or mercury injected into me. Just as an addtional point, around a month ago the Health Minister announced that laboratory verification of swine flu would be replaced by clinical diagnosis. At the same time, the advice was given to phone your GP rather than possibly infect others at the surgeries. Reported rate of infection when these announcements were made: 5,600. Week 1 after: 50,000, week 2 after: 100,000, week 3 after: 110,000, week 4 after: 30,000. Total: 295,000 reported cases. Total number reported by WHO in the same time frame: less than 200,000 WORLDWIDE. We are all being misinformed and we owe it to ourselves to find out the truth and why we are being lied to. Last week more people were reported hospitalised or dead as a result of being misdiagnosed with swine flu than were killed by swine flu itself. If, CN, you are so hellbent on the efficacy of vaccinations, have you put your money where your mouth is and volunteered to be a ginea pig for the 'testing' for adverse reactions?

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    SKoM, Cullompton  |  August 14 2009, 11:09AM

    Eugenics was mainly an aim to weed out the weak and feeble minded - not a random cull - and was to be done over time by birth control. Conspiracy theories seem rife on this subject - either that or we need to get some padded cells ready p.d.q.

  • Profile image for This is Exeter
    James, St Leonards  |  August 14 2009, 11:04AM

    I was having a laugh. You people all take yourselves and you opinions too seriously. It's a local newspaper comments page, take a step back fom yourselves you can't change the world here! ;-)