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“Private bailiff firms contracted to councils, are defrauding members of the public with no opposition from the Government, Local Authorities or the Police.

Local news papers will not, for whatever reason, report on this serious issue. They are failing in their duty to raise awareness for the many thousands of victims involved.

It seems these crimes will remain covered-up if left to the local press. It therefore must be tackled by members of the public who are prepared to expose our corrupt councils.

Have you been charged Unfair and Hiked-up Enforcement fees by Exeter City Council's bailiff contractors E.QUI.T'A Ltd or Ross & Roberts?

This would be in connection with either alleged or actual council tax arrears.

Does the council state that they are lawful?

Does the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) also state they are lawful?

You can enquire by contacting the following email for a second, more seriously considered opinion:


Alternatively or additionally you can register with the following advice website where free guidance can be sought which may potentially save you £hundreds in charges:


The following link features crooked private bailiff firm,"E.qu',it'a", detailing a complainant's successful re-claim of nearly £400 of unlawful bailiff fees.

Post #45 of this link. The council also offered money for the complainant not to pursue the complaint further.


By dother8thing Posted: October 27, 2012

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