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    camhird  |  Wednesday, November 26 2014, 10:52PM  |  Report
    Follow Up

    Further to my previous review I would like to point out that the response from Cooksleys is untruthful. Firstly, they agreed to let out the upstairs flat which was owned by the same trust prior to this 'supposed meeting'. It was blatantly apparent that Cooksleys wanted the freedom of not having already lined up a tenant so they could enjoy their 'opening party' with complete disregard for their customers. Furthermore, I got a third party to call and enquire about the property and they were also fed a cocktail of lies. The reason we had to sort out our arrangements that day is that we were completely lead on by cooksleys into believing we would be given an answer on our application over the previous 3 days and their manager appeared unable to manage to even have the courtesy to give us a call. Every correspondence we had with this company was rude and I am pleased to announce that I believe we had a lucky escape in not renting out a property with such an inadequate lettings agency.

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    LB1989  |  Monday, November 03 2014, 12:33PM  |  Report
    Would not recommend

    I'm afraid we received appalling service from Cooksleys in particular after making a formal complaint in regards to a tenant who was severely disrupting not only us but the other tenants of the property. We were assured that they would look into this for us and that the tenant was on their final warning, however after the police were called to an incident involving this tenant, Cooksleys have done nothing to deal with the situation and remove the tenant from the property. Cooksleys are also very reluctant to give tenants back their deposit. I would advise any future potential tenants to avoid them at all costs and use another more deserving agency.

    Cooksleys Letting Agents  |  Tuesday, November 04 2014, 11:18AM  |  Report

    Dear Nich and Elizabeth. I'm sorry to hear you felt dissatisfied with the service you received from us. Your tenancy ended on Saturday 18th October and the flat was checked out at the beginning of the following week. As you are aware, your deposit was not refunded until 25th October as you did not return to the flat until Thursday 23rd October to finish the cleaning and clear the debt on the gas meter. Once we had re-inspected the flat the following day, your deposit was refunded in full within 24 hours of this being carried out. With regard to the issues with the tenant in the flat above, all of your complaints were dealt with immediately and as I informed you, the tenant was in a six month fixed term contract so acting within the law, there was very little I could do. We did speak to the police regarding the incident and were advised that no offence had been committed and the case was closed. After receiving your complaints, the occupant of the flat above has now left.

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    camhird  |  Saturday, August 23 2014, 8:23PM  |  Report
    Oh dear!

    By far the worst letting agents I have ever come across. Lie to potential tenants. Purposely put people off properties. They have no idea what they are on about. Very rude staff. All round terrible experience. Landlords and tenants should avoid Cooksleys!!!

    Cooksleys Letting Agents  |  Thursday, September 18 2014, 10:26AM  |  Report

    Sorry you felt this way, but with the particular property you are referring to, this was a trust owned property, and the trust were holding an opening day 3 days after your initial enquiry. Our instruction from the client was that they would look at all applications at this time. This was explained to you at the time, but unfortunately you needed to sort your arrangements out that day. So you were unable to be considered for this property. I do hope your were able to sort your arrangements, and if we can assist any further please don't hesitate to give us a call.

  • Profile image for JennyS
    JennyS  |  Tuesday, March 19 2013, 9:25PM  |  Report
    Friendly, professional and great customer service

    As tenants we got a highly friendly, accurate and professional service. Very impressed by the fast and efficient replies to our emails. Highly recommended.