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    The Santa selfie!

    It's a Santa selfie - in the form of a pancake!Santa made this unique self-portrait when he dropped into Living Coasts in Torquay to check on preparations for...

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    Vet teamwork helps zoo monkey

    A Critically Endangered monkey with a rare medical condition has been treated by a team of zoo experts and South West veterinary specialists.Animal care staff...

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    Public hunt for fancy fungi

    A local conservation charity has launched a public search - for tiny orange ping-pong bats.Naturalists in South Devon have found an unusual fungus – known...

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    Barrel of laughs at gorilla school

    How do you learn how to be a good gorilla? You go to gorilla school, of course. And 12-year-old Kivu is earning top marks when it comes to sitting in a...

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    Trust's zoos weather indifferent year

    One of the South West's largest conservation charities has announced its results for the year. The Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust is the charity that runs...

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