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Why do riders refuse to use cycle paths?

By Exeter Express and Echo  |  Posted: January 05, 2012

Comments (3) By Paul Nero, managing director of Exeter FM.

SO I'm driving through the ridiculous 20 mile-an-hour system that's been designed to stop people going to Topsham when there's a decision to make. Should I knock this ignorant cyclist off his bike, blast my horn so that he is in no doubt about my displeasure, or slow down further so that the tailback that's built up between the rugby ground and the roundabout becomes longer still?

As a responsible citizen I slow down. I fume. And I add fumes. Slow-moving traffic wastes fuel and adds to carbon emissions. Idiots who ignore cycle paths should appreciate that future generations of children will drown as global warming wipes out Lympstone. And it's their fault.

Cyclists who use the roads when we've just spent millions of pounds the country can ill afford on a network of cycle paths, are as selfish as they are stupid. Especially ones in Lycra. And especially the ones without lights or light clothing. How many of those do you see on the roads – but not on the cycle paths – these dark days? And how many do you not see until it's almost too late?

Last month, my Exeter FM colleague Mark Tyler wrote gaily about his plans to get on his bike. Much as I applauded the idea, I worried. When the occasion warrants, Mark is a sensible chap. But there's something about a man on a bike that turns their minds to mush. In his Echo column, in common with many others who have been anticipating safe passage between Topsham and Clyst St George, there he was dreaming of the trips he would make over the new wooden structure by the Bridge Inn. The fool. Now the bridge is open, of course, the alarming reality is that many cyclists continue to hog the windy, narrow road over the old bridge. Why is it the selfish few continue to slow traffic?

Three years ago, taxpayers spent about £3 million on part of the Exe Estuary Cycle trail between Exmouth and Topsham. "Money well spent," bicycling Ben Bradshaw MP told us at the time. And indeed the path is a major asset alongside our wondrous area of outstanding natural beauty. But what do our Lycra-clad friends tell us as they continue to torture themselves on the main Exeter-to-Exmouth road? That no serious cyclist will use a cycle path.

So if you've bought someone a bicycle this Christmas, ask them to use the facilities that have been expensively put in place, not just on their behalf, but on behalf of all road users, and keep us all safe and sane in 2012.

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  • Shine_HD  |  February 07 2015, 8:02PM

    great discussion.

  • Road_user  |  May 23 2013, 10:30AM

    Presumably Exe FM's advertisers approve of this anti-cyclist message from the company's senior executive ?

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  • kaytidee  |  May 10 2013, 11:50AM

    Cycle lanes are often of poor quality and littered with glass and other debris. As bikes have narrow tyres, this can result in a dangerous riding environment and frequent punctures. Most importantly, the legal position is that a cyclist does not have to use cycle lanes and other road users should respect their choice, observe the law and stop assuming the road is their personal domain.

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  • Phyllis  |  August 31 2012, 4:31PM

    Motorist should treat cyclists with the same consideration as cyclists show to pedrestrians. It is as bad for a motorist to drive in a cycle lane as it is for cyclists to ride on the pavement.

    |   4
  • LukeGreenhoug  |  June 10 2012, 1:34AM

    RADIO EXE, RADIO EXE, RADIO EXE, RADIO EXE, RADIO EXE, RADIO EXE, RADIO EXE, RADIO EXE, RADIO EXE, RADIO EXE, RADIO EXE, RADIO EXE, Let us allow that tactical name change to not be forgotten. It looked ugly on Google, and it will again.

  • Towny_McFoxy  |  January 26 2012, 11:27AM

    Maybe all those drivers making threats here should read this and think about what they're saying: http://tinyurl.com/893wja3

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  • businessman07  |  January 18 2012, 10:25PM

    what a moron. down with radio exe and his cronies. lets make it EX radio. no more nero. anyone associated with him should be ashamed.

    |   9
  • Gambalungaboy  |  January 18 2012, 10:22PM


    |   4
  • Gambalungaboy  |  January 18 2012, 10:21PM

    What a tedious little ****** Mr Nero seems to be

    |   5
  • businessman07  |  January 18 2012, 10:17PM

    they will be shut down or bankrupt within the year anyway. bunch of sad idiots.

    |   6