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Saltcity Surf Shop
Fore Street

Phone: 01392 349798

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Opening Times

Monday to Friday 10am to 5.00pm.
Saturdays 10am to 5.30pm.
However we will open for you Vip style out of hours for your convenience, just call 07971 545083 to arrange.

SaltCity Surf Shop

Welcome to SaltCity Surf Shop!

Whether you are a seasoned surfer or just starting out, here at SaltCity Surf Shop, we can provide you with the right equipment for your abilities.

We stock a variety of boards to suit everyone, from mini-mals and longboards, through to performance shortboards and try our best to provide the very best surfing advice. We also have package deals on boards to give you the very best value.

We also have all the accessories that you could need to get you out in the water, from wetsuits and rashvests, to boardbags and not forgetting the surf wax!

We also stock the latest surf fashion from brands like Nixon, Billabong, Volcom, Ripcurl, Element, Protest, Dakine with many more in store.

Why not pop in for browse and chat today, we are located in the middle of Exeter at 134 Fore Street. Or if you are looking for something specific, feel free to give us a call on 01392 349798.

ALSO !!!!!!

If you buy a surfboard off us and do not get on with it, we will change it for you free for another board !!! That's something you don't get on the internet.

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Summer Billabong Wetsuit Voucher

SaltCity Surf Shop

Terms: One voucher per customer, i ain't loaded.

Contact: 01392 349798

Valid until: Wednesday, April 30 2014

All Winter Volcom Clothing is what?????? 50%...

SaltCity Surf Shop

Terms: Will let you know then when you arrive in store, sit down and have a free coffee in Saltcity while we discuss.

Contact: 01392 349798

Valid until: Saturday, May 31 2014

What !!!!! There's more!!!! 15% new summer...

SaltCity Surf Shop

Terms: There ain't none on this one, you can spank it all ya like.

Contact: 01392 349798

Valid until: Monday, June 30 2014

Wanna learn to surf???? Then come on...

SaltCity Surf Shop

Terms: If you don't learn to surf on one of our package deals, Saltcity will change it for you for free for another board. How's that for a term and condition? Ya don't get that on the interweb thingy

Contact: 01392 349798

Valid until: Wednesday, December 31 2014

Free coffee in Saltcity !!!!!!!

SaltCity Surf Shop

Terms: One sugar per person and ya gotta throw yer rubbish in me bin. Ok, you can have more sugar if you need it.

Contact: 01392 349798

Valid until: Wednesday, December 31 2014