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Would you want to eat in these 12 Exeter restaurants?

By Exeter Express and Echo  |  Posted: February 27, 2013

Comments (11) Inspectors from Exeter City Council's environmental health team have issued 29 restaurants, cafes and food businesses with one out of five ratings in the past 12 months, which means that "major improvement is necessary" in terms of food safety. Here are some of those given a "one" rating.

All Day 6, Palace Gate, Exeter, inspected October 8, 2012

"Visit in relation to a complaint from a customer who alleges he found a cockroach in his meal. No sign of cockroach activity seen at the time of visit but two cockroach traps left."

Action points included – staff not wearing suitable over-clothing, on this occasion filthy aprons – must ensure suitable clean protective clothing worn; large quantities of food being stored at room temperature including partially cooked chicken and cooked prawns – must be kept at 8C or below.

South West Catering Ltd, Budlake Road, Exeter, inspected January 2, 2013

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"You are currently operating a business which requires approval without approval. You must stop processing meat until approval is granted."

Action points included – there was evidence that doner kebab muslin covers were being used for cleaning surfaces – must ensure they have an adequate supply of clean cloths; toilets must not open directly into a room where food is handled and prepared - doors must be kept closed at all times; if a member of staff tells you they are suffering from an illness or diseases, such as diarrhoea or vomiting, that is likely to be transmitted through food, owners must take appropriate action; cleanliness level of the premises was poor including meat debris and blood on the flood of the freezer, the meat saw had dried meat on all surfaces of the blade – on second visit there had been an improvement, all areas must be maintained in clean condition.

Passage House Inn, Ferry Road, Topsham, inspected November 22, 2012

Action points included – during inspection it was noted that cream and cheese was being stored at 11.1C in the beer cellar, cream and soft cheeses are high risk and will support the growth of bacteria – must be kept at or below 8C; the area around the cooking equipment was dirty, grease and food debris was noted beneath the cooking equipment, these area must be cleaned in future.

Real McCoy Cafe Bar, McCoys Arcade, Exeter, inspected December 3, 2012

Action points included – a bag of rocket leaves and a tub of double cream was found on the premises past their sell-by date (November 23 for the rocket and November 29 for the cream), it is an offence to sell or expose for sale food with an expired use-by date, stock must be checked daily; the door seal to a freezer was mouldy – clean and maintain; hard contact surfaces such as taps and handles were found to be in a dirty condition throughout the kitchen – care must be taken in future to ensure that they are kept in a clean condition.

Heart of Oak, Main Road, Pinhoe, inspected March 14, 2012

Action points included – vacuum packed raw beef and raw turkey was being stored above ready to eat foods which may result in cross-contamination – ensure this does not happen; the following foods were found past their sell-by date: brussels pate with garlic (March 5), vegetable lasagne (February 17), cottage pies (March 8), sauce in container (February 22), container of semi-skimmed milk (March 11) - check stock daily and dispose of out of date food.

A city council spokesman said: "The Heart of Oak has changed hands and is currently awaiting an inspection. A business support officer has spoken to the current pub owner and has sent an 'awaiting inspection' sticker, removing the one out of five rating."

New Horizon Cafe, Longbrook Street, Exeter, inspected December 18, 2012

"You must carry out a thorough deep clean of the premises and there is only a small amount of anti-bacterial spray on site"

Action points included – inspector informed that cafe does not produce much waste oil as it is disposed down the sink – this must not happen and contractor who is properly authorised to take away used oil should be contacted; the chopping board used for preparing vegetables was positioned directly on top of the butcher block for preparing raw meat – these must be relocated; both the chopping board and butcher block were worn and had deep knife marks which had filled with dirt – they must be replaced when they can no longer be effectively cleaned; there was poor levels of cleanliness throughout the kitchen -ensure all areas of the premises are cleaned and maintained in this condition.

Kongs Fish Bar, Cowick Street, Exeter, inspected December 3, 2012

"You must carry out a thorough deep clean of all hard to reach areas of the kitchen."

Action points included – Raw fish was stored above ready-to-eat goods in the upright fridge, any food that may drip or fall on to items below can result in cross contamination – the fridge must be reorganised; there was no soap available at the kitchen wash hand basin – they must be provided with soap; the fan inside the walk-in fridge was heavily encrusted with mould – it must be thoroughly cleaned and maintained; the standard of cleaning throughout the kitchen and food preparation rooms was well below the expected standard – a thorough deep clean and disinfection is required; the splash proof cover over the electrical socket in the potato chipping room was damaged so it was no longer effective – replace as soon as possible.

P5 Oriental Foods, North Street, Exeter, inspected September 4, 2012

"No evidence of any food safety management system in place"

Action points included – packets of roasted squid roll, dried prawns and dried salted fish stored at room temperature when packaging states that the product should be kept refrigerated at 7C or below – food should be stored in the manner stated by the manufacturer; food hygiene legislation requires a written system to be in place which shows how food safety is managed – ensure this is done; a large quantity of stock was found which was past is best before date – recommended that this food is not sold.

Shauls Bakeries, Fore Street, Topsham, inspected November 8, 2012

Action points included – Christmas cakes being stored on shelves in the upstairs storage room next to and on top of boxes and containers of cleaning chemicals and cleaning products – keep food away from cleaning chemicals; a bag of chicken pieces was being defrosted in the wash-hand basin so staff were washing in the equipment sink - the wash hand basin must remain empty; the temperature records showed that the pastry cabinet is regularly at a temperature of 8C or above – when temperature like this are recorded, staff must document the corrective action taken; a number of the sandwich fillings stored in the prep bench unit were above 8C, the temperature display on the unit was reading 3C yet the temperature of the tuna mayonnaise at the far end of the unit was 9.7C – it must be replaced/repaired.

Thai Shanghai, Cowley Bridge Road, inspected May 17, 2012

"Contact pest control officer as a matter of priority, large number of mouse droppings noted."

Action points included – decomposing cucumber found in vegetable fridge and black/rotten potatoes found udnerneath shelving in covered rear yard - it is an offence to sell food which is unfit for human consumption; several coloured chopping boards were heavily worn and could longer be easily cleaned/disinfected – these should not be used and should be removed; mouse droppings noted in several locations in the covered rear yard area and in the wash-up room - carefully examine all your stock for damage by pests and discard any contaminated stock, mouse dropping should be removed and the kitchen deep cleaned; numerous canned foods were found to be past their best before date (bean sauce, April 2000; vegetarian chop suey, October 2009; boiled chick peas, December 2009; pineapple slices, December 2010) – recommended that this food is not used; electric insect killer in kitchen was broken and full of dead insects – repair it and clean it.

Yonk Asian Foods, Summerland Street, Exeter, inspected July 31, 2012

Action points included – there were a large number of unlabelled vacuum-packed Chinese sausages in the display chiller - displaying for sale unlabelled items may be an issue for Trading Standards, do not purchase or accept unlabelled products from suppliers; some items were stores in the display chiller with labels saying 'keep frozen until use - do not refreeze once defrosted', all of these had been defrosted – enure that when purchasing foods, they are stored in the correct condition; when inspected, a delivery of frozen foods had just arrived but almost an hour later not all had been put away and some were starting to defrost – ensure all foods are put into freezers as quickly as possible and ensure the condition or temperature of products when delivered to guarantee they have arrived frozen; at the premises there was a large amount of suitcases, boxes and other items in storage for local students, some in the stock area – these items are unlikely to contaminate but should not be kept in food storage area.

Mega Kebab, Sidwell Street, Exeter, inspected November 19, 2012

Action points included – staff were not wearing suitable clean clothing – ensure that they are; several fridge door seals were in a poor condition and dirty – renew any damaged seals; there was no soap or hygienic means of hand-drying at the wash hand basin at the servery – ensure it's provided. Wash hand basin in the staff toilet was defective – repair as quickly as possible; level of food hygiene awareness was inadequate - staff who prepare high-risk foods must be provided with training.

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  • greasyian  |  March 06 2013, 7:08PM

    a good freind of ours had food from kongs and had severe food poisoning,which prompted us to avoid the place !

    |   1
  • LightYagami  |  March 04 2013, 5:14PM

    I see elsewhere that the cafe was inspected again TODAY to get five out of five. And the Echo has reported that - so nothing wrong with original report and done well with reaction to the latest.

  • LightYagami  |  March 04 2013, 3:38PM

    Hildaogden - just been on the Food Standards site - Real McCoy Cafe Bar, currently rated one out of five after being inspected in December - where are you getting your information from?!? http://tinyurl.com/bpkx78w

  • The Real McCoy  |  March 04 2013, 1:11PM

    I see The Real McCoy Cafe has a five star rating , as I said before The Express & Echo and the journalist who wrote this piece shrouded be ashamed !!

    |   -2
  • AlfieDolittel  |  March 03 2013, 9:07PM

    I would like to know why these 12 have been named and shamed out of the 29. Also some of these offenses seem very serious and some quite benign - is it fair to bunch them all in together and 'dare' us to eat there?

    |   3
  • passagehouse  |  March 01 2013, 1:09PM

    I'm Mr Lionel Lavoine, proprietor of the Passage House Inn of Topsham. I feel that the article should show the full report instead of omit important sentences that mislead the readers. This was my third inspection since september 2008, i've been rated 4 then 5 before this inspection. Mr Staples, the inspector at the latest visit was more than happy to rate me with a 4 out of 5 at the time of the visit if only I didn't fail to reorder the daily checks sheets that are necessary to comply with the FSA regulations. Irrelevant of how clean your kitchen is, you will get rated 1 out of 5 if your documentation(SFBB) is not up to date at the time of the inspection. I take the full responsibility in this matter as my chefs have ALWAYS kept our records to date until we run out of sheets and I should have ordered them before then. We are now expecting an imminent re-inspection from the FSA, we've addressed long ago, the couple of issues reported: worn chopping board, debris and grease under the cooker and fryers and more importantly the cream( which was ONLY left in the cellar due to the delivery 2 hours before the inspection) is now stored in our dairy fridge at all time. I have also invited the express & echo journalist to come to the pub to visit my kitchen and cellar and give me a chance to reply to this article. Please all feel free to come and request to see our kitchen as we at the Passage House Inn are proud and confident about the hygiene standards in place. Also I will make the full inspection report available to anyone requesting it. Kind regards, Mr Lionel Lavoine

    |   15
  • The Real McCoy  |  March 01 2013, 11:14AM

    In these difficult financial times with the local businesses of Exeter doing there best to survive, i hope that customers will see beyond this one sided seriously lacking report which does not include all the facts. The Express & Echo should be ashamed , this kind of irresponsible reporting is outrageous. I truly hope when the above mentioned food outlets wish to respond that this local newspaper will be fair and allow them to reply.

    |   4
  • preloved  |  February 28 2013, 8:55PM

    Its informative . Although a lot of the offences are common sense and shows ignorance

    |   2
  • Annie123  |  February 28 2013, 5:43PM

    Would just like to say i eat in THE HEART OF OAK every week with my family ! it is a lovely clean and tidy pub , and the food is always spot on! the pub was done up last year and everything is new! I think it is wrong this has been put in paper now when it was done over a year ago! it should of gone in paper then!! the pub now has new owners and this report was done when the people before had the pub! I am looking forward to next eating in the heart of oak .

    |   9
  • aaron2111  |  February 28 2013, 2:35PM

    Seems Exeter council are more concerned with pulling in the rates than the health of the general public.

    |   -9